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Industrial Dehumidifier Applied in Food Cooling Room

Issuing time:2021-05-29 13:25

Due to the changes of the times, today is a fast-food society ,   and   all   the   foods   you eat in your life can be bought in supermarkets. In order to meet the needs of consumers, a production base has been established for all kinds of food. Pastries, moon cakes, biscuits, bread and other pasta need to use a steamer in the production process. The food is steamed with hightemperature steam, and the food will carry a lot of water when it comes out of the oven. Steam and heat must be transported to the cooling room for dehumidification and cooling before packaging. For the high temperature and humidity in the cooling room, experts recommend the use of Sanda dehumidifier.

The industrial dehumidifier of the food cooling room adopts advanced high-efficiency   compressors, high-efficiency   hydrophilic   aluminum   foil   heat   exchangers , large   air   volume and low noise outer rotor fans, so that the dehumidification capacity can better meet the low humidity requirements of products and the environment.

The food cooling room industrial dehumidifier adopts safe, reliable and advanced processing technology and materials; the microcomputer controls the whole process of dehumidification operation, so that the entire dehumidification process of the dehumidifier is in a long-term efficient operation state, which is energy-saving and   environmentally   friendly. Through the air circulation device, the indoor air humidity is ensured to be constant. So as to ensure the reliability, practicability, convenience, and intelligence of product performance.

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