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The Difference Between Home Use Dehumidifier and Industrial Dehumidifier

Issuing time:2021-06-01 14:04

Dehumidifier is a machine that can reduce the humidity in the air, which is closely related to our lives and industrial production. Dehumidifiers can be roughly divided into two categories, one is industrial dehumidifier, the other is home-use dehumidifier.

Industrial dehumidifiers generally have relatively high technical requirements. Because of the high requirements for the industrial environment, industrial dehumidifiers are required to be 100% dehumidified, durable, easy to operate, high-quality, easy to operate, and not too expensive. This type of dehumidifier is generally used in large workshops such as textiles, clothing manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and warehouses such as drug manufacturing, electronics, and telecommunications industries, as well as scientific research units with high technical requirements.

The home use dehumidifier is required to be small in size not occupy too much space, beautiful in appearance, low in price, and have good after-sales service, which is convenient to operate and must not pollute the environment or endanger human health.

Household dehumidifiers are mainly divided into two categories: iron shell and plastic rigid shell. Dehumidifiers with iron shells are inexpensive but generate noise and have a small application range. The dehumidifier with a plastic casing is fully plastic and tempered, has a beautiful and unique appearance, does not produce much noise, and has a large applicable area, but the price is relatively higher.

When we choose a dehumidifier, we must consider the following aspects. First of all, we must first calculate the scope of application to prevent from failing to meet the family demand. Secondly, the dehumidifier must be energy-saving and be able to reduce the cost to the greatest extent. Furthermore, dehumidifiers cannot affect people's lives and cannot endanger people's health.

All in all, dehumidifiers play an important role in both industrial production an daily life.

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